5 Best Cities in the World for Nightlife and Entertainment

5 Best Cities in the World for Nightlife and Entertainment - 5 Best Casinos

There is a reason why Barnum, often referred to as the Great American Showman coined the phrase “The show must go on,”.

Peoples incessant appetite for the best night out has led to a nightlife culture that entails frequenting drinking dens, partying, having amazing food experiences, and generally having a whale of a time.

Night partying owls are one of the most open minded people on earth! Looking for evening entertainment never ends and the boundaries for adventure do seem a lot higher than morning larks.

For your reading pleasure and future nightlife feats, we have put a list of the five best cities to really have a blast yourself.

1. Las Vegas – A City of Sin

Las Vegas, a city of sin - 5 Best Casinos

Las Vegas started as a little more than a few sheds pinned down in the middle of nothing and battered by sandstorms. Yet, in its decade-old history, Las Vegas has won itself the moniker “City of Sin” and for a very good reason, too.

The neon-lit brightness of the night beckons in the midst of the Nevada desert with compelling force. The city offers no shortage of nightlife options – from clubs to hotel lobbies, to the casinos that soar majestically above the hubbub of the streets and offer those who venture into them an endless supply of entertainment, fun and under the right circumstances, beverages.

Las Vegas does die down during the day and it feels dreadfully quotidian, but worry not, because as soon as the sun sets, the city comes back to life. 

2. London – Boisterous and Never Getting a Shut-eye

London has pricey real estate, soaring living costs and quite a few lads in the streets who might have had one too many to drink. But yet, the city is outstanding with its vibrant unending variety of night clubs and bars. 

In fact, London counts on people having a blast throughout the night with certain establishments working only during the night and catering to a clientele who prefers to hang out during the wee hours of the day. 

The city is abuzz until very late with even non party-goers trying to make their way through the throngs washing over the streets.

Night clubs are perched in the strangest places, too, and entry doorway might lead to the dusky interior packed with dancing bodies, the chink of glasses and music blasting out sound systems.

Oh, and if you like gambling, London has high-class casinos you would definitely want to try. Even the new casinos that open maintain that traditional London look with the ornate ceilings and velvet walls.

3. Bangkok – A Bit Exotic, All the Same Worth It

Bangkok tends to be a bit too lively at night, with people all over the place and admittedly – seductresses waiting at every corner.

Yet Bangkok packs a refined nightlife experience as well as the merry-go-round kind, and whichever you choose, you will find the city to be ultimately welcoming, and offering everything a night owl such as yourself needs.

There is both the type of experience you can afford on a budget, eating at neat but cheap bars, joining the crowds in an over-packed night club or simply hanging out.

Yet, you can also find quite a few neat and high-end venues where you will be able to delicately sip on cocktails, try exotic foodie treats and enjoy the company of strangers. 

4. Istanbul – A City That Never Sleeps

You may not have travelled to Istanbul before, but the city is a swarm of people. And surprisingly, this extends to the night.

Just as you settle in your Airbnb for a quiet night in, you realize – the music booming in the small side streets opening into the main thoroughfares won’t go away. 

Not until the sun shows back up, and this is not an entirely bad thing – especially if you are a party goer in your very soul.

Frequenting clubs and bars, joining the crowds and other visitors of the city is always fun. If you’re looking for something a bit left field, Istanbul will offer the perfect opportunity for it. 

5. New York City

New York is always alive. Yet, the city also offers a great club night but more importantly – food joints and drinking dens.

So long as you love to get a hearty bite and go back to your drink, you will find New York to be an exclusive place.

There is a sort of urban rough charm to the city, though. So, while you expect to find self-important venues that put a little too much emphasis on what they have to offer you, you will still be able to come across quite a few great places. 

New York City is for those of you who wouldn’t mind having a blast, but without going too far. It’s an experience on to itself.