Best Luxuries Offered by Casinos to their Top Players

Luxury perks casino players get - 5 Best Casinos

All casinos, whether online or land-based, want to see high rollers join. These players bring in a lot of money to the table and play on high bets.

They’re attractive to casinos since they can play lots of money in a short period of time.

At the same time, they can be a huge risk, since they can also take the casino for millions of dollars. 

5 Best Perks at Online Casinos for High Rollers

Online casinos can’t offer top players free accommodation and free meals, but there are a lot of perks you can use to your advantage.

You just need to make sure that the casino you want to play at has a good loyalty program, sometimes known as VIP Program, so you can get the most for your money. 

Here are the best 5 luxuries you can expect to get at online casinos as a VIP player:

1. Personal account manager

Once you reach a status of a top player you will instantly be assigned a personal account manager.

It’s his job to take care of your needs at the casino. The manager will inform you of any special bonus promotions you are entitled to, will give you invitations to special VIP events and will make sure that you have a great time at the casino.

Usually, you can contact your manager via email, but at some casinos, you can also chat directly. 

Best Luxuries Offered by Casinos to their Top Players - 5 Best Casinos

2. Loyalty points conversion

One of the biggest perks you can enjoy at online casinos is loyalty points. They are available to pretty much all VIP players.

In order to earn loyalty points, you need to play the casino games and each wager you make will contribute to your loyalty points balance.

As you climb the VIP ladder the loyalty points conversion becomes better. This means that you will earn more loyalty points for a smaller wager. Once you accumulate enough points you can redeem them for cash funds and withdraw or play again at the casino.

This way you get money back, regardless if you win or lose on the casino games. 

3. Custom bonus promotions for VIP players

Custom bonus promos are another great perk a VIP player can enjoy at online casinos.

Most casinos have smaller bonuses for regular players, which just don’t work for high rollers. This is why many casinos will offer you custom bonus promotions where you deposit big amounts of money and still claim a nice bonus.

In many cases the bonus terms are also custom, allowing you to place bigger bets in return. This way you can place bigger bets on the games with your bonus funds and get much bigger payouts in return. 

4. Faster withdrawals

Yes, VIP players also enjoy faster withdrawals at online casinos. This comes with the territory and no VIP player wants to wait for days for their winnings to be processed.

At most casinos, VIP players will get their winnings in a matter of hours. This ensures that the player is happy and that he will return and play at the casino again. 

Fast withdrawal for high roller casino players  - 5 Best Casinos

5. High rollers get higher withdrawal limits

One of the first things a VIP player looks at when joining an online casino is their withdrawal limits.

There’s really no point to play at a casino which has a weekly withdrawal limit of $5,000 if you plan on making a $10,000 deposit.

This is why at most casinos VIP players get much higher withdrawal limits or play with no limits at all. This way when you win you can withdraw all of your winnings at once and without any problems. 

Bonus Perk: Cashback promos

Cashback promos are another great way to keep top players happy. Everyone faces a losing streak at the casinos sooner or later and no operator wants to lose a player over that.

So at many casinos, VIP players get generous cashback offers on their losses for the previous month or week.

Usually, the cashback promo is calculated on your VIP level and can be anywhere from 5% to 50%.

This way the player gets another chance to play at the casino and possibly make a withdrawal. 

What about Perks Offered by Land-Based Casinos for High Rollers?

There’s a big difference to the perks land and online casinos can offer to a player, simply because of the way they both operate.

When a high roller goes to a casino in Las Vegas he can expect to be comped a penthouse or a vila, enjoy complimentary drinks and food at their restaurants or get free tickets to the most popular shows. 

This all serves to make the top players happy and playing at the casino. Regardless of the outcome, when high-rollers hit the floor the casino makes sure to meet all of their needs and make them feel as comfortable as possible.