About Us

There are many online casino comparison and review sites but what makes 5 Best Casinos different is the focus to keep things simple.

We don’t want to overwhelm and throw out loads of offers at player. We want to do all the hard work in the background, behind the scenes, to vet the casinos and their offers and only select the 5 best casinos for you to play.

About Us - 5 Best Casinos

Our Background

5 Best Casinos was built in 2019. Work started all the way back in 2016 when we decided to work closely with online casinos to understand their practices and how they attract players.

The reason we did this is because our background was in land based casinos. Although the games are the same online as they are in bricks and mortar, the operation is very different. And of course as everything moves more online we needed to move with the times!

We thought that our knowledge was very valuable so we decided to share it with everyone on this website so players don’t play at rogue casinos and enjoy being entertained by what we consider to be reputable casinos.

What We Do

We offer to our players direct access to the best online casinos globally. We do this by creating web pages for each casino category.

For example, if you are looking for new casinos to play at, we ensure that our new casinos page has 5 of the best new casinos to satisfy your needs. If you are looking to play slots with a great bonus, then we ensure that our slots bonuses page has that 5 best offering.

Each page on our website may just look like a list of casinos but the method and process behind presenting that list is our bread and butter offering.

Our close relationship with the casinos means we have a lot of inside information on who owns and runs the casinos, where they operate, their licensing and most importantly their motives.

So you can be assured that if a casino is listed in our top 5, then you can safely play there.

The Team

The team is an international collection of experts in their own right. We have –

Account Managers

These guys are constantly communicating with the casinos to seek out the best deals and ensure the offers are genuine and work for our players. They also attend various meetings and conferences globally to meet the faces behind the online casinos.

Casino Writers

Our writers are passionate about gaming. They love crawling the internet looking for the latest casino news to share with you here. They work closely with the account managers to write exclusive content about behind the scenes activities at casinos.

Casino Reviewers

All the casino reviews at 5 Best Casinos are written by online casino experts. They spend countless hours clicking the ‘Get Bonus’ button to sign up to hundreds of casinos to ensure that all the important test criteria is met. They deposit real money and play for several weeks, ensuring that all aspects of the casino services are tested before writing a full review.


Of course you cannot have a website without web developers. These guys are at the hub of all that we do constantly updating and improving the site. They work closely with the rest of the team so that all the information we gather can be presented to you in a readable and digestible format.

5 Reasons Why our Casino Listings are Top Notch

You can easily find a lot of sites across the internet which claim to have the best casino listings and reviews.

But experienced players know from just one glance at a review whether it’s a good one and written by casino enthusiasts or just a simple review written by someone who has never made a deposit in their life.

We don’t claim to have the best casino listings and reviews online, we guarantee it!

Here are 5 reasons why the casino listings on this site are top notch:

1. Casino Listings By Real Gamers

Let’s get something straight from the start. You can’t deliver a quality casino review if you’re not an online gambler yourself.

Casino listings are more than just Some details about particular online casinos you learn only from experience and if you know what you’re looking for. Experienced gamblers will only need a few minutes on the casino site to find all of the needed details.

When you know what you’re looking for you can easily incorporate it in your review. This is why we have a team of experienced casino enthusiasts who make sure to write the best casino reviews for US players. Sometimes this is not an easy task and it’s not at all easy as it seems.

2. Casino Listings Based on Research

casino listings based on research

Conducting extensive research of an online casino is a must if you want to have the very best casinos listed and reviewed.

You can’t just guess about some details about the casino. Every part of our casino reviews is carefully checked and cross-matched with the details at the casino website. This ensures that the information in our reviews is correct and up to date.

On many sites, we have come across some information about an online casino which proves not be true when we check the casino website. This is why our casino experts always make sure to double check all of the data from the casino website and transfer it in their reviews.

This ensures that we have the best real money online casino listings which are up to date and 100% correct.

3. Real Players Contribute Opinions and Experiences

casino listings based on real player suggestions

The best casino reviews are the ones where the players themselves contribute.

This is why we always try to hear the opinion and the experiences of real players about a certain casino before it’s added to our list.

We have a wide network of casino colleagues who can tell us whether a casino is worth adding to our list or not. Only once the casino gets the approval from real players it’s added to our list.

4. Only Reputable Casinos

In order to have the best casinos listings, you need to have the best casinos in the industry for all players. You can do a good casino review, but it won’t matter if the casino itself is no good.

This is why we only add reputable online casinos to our site. These are all online casinos which have been personally tested by us and who have a good reputation in the online gambling community.

By adding reputable online casinos to our site we make sure that we have the best casinos listings for US players. Thanks to this you can easily choose any online casino from our list and you can rest assured that it’s a reputable one.

5. Easy to Read and Informative

The best casino listings also need to be written in a certain way to make them easy to read.

It’s no use having all of the needed information when they’re clustered up in a pile which is hard to read.

This is why we always make sure that our casino reviews are simple and easy to read. This gives the reader a chance to quickly scan through the casino review and find all of the needed information.

This way you can find everything you need in a few minutes and decide whether you want to create an account or not. In our opinion, a well-formatted text with catchy and informative headings is the most important detail in any casino review.

What Can You Expect to Find Here

Our online casino listings and reviews are the best there is because we want to help the player understand everything there is to know about the casino in question.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a hardcore player. You will easily find everything there is to know about the casino just by spending a few minutes to quickly scan through our review.

We especially focus on the bonus promotions the casino has to offer and the terms associated with each promo. For most players, this is the most important part of the casino and we want to make this part as simple as possible.

When it comes to the terms of the bonus promotion we always make sure to find everything there is associated with the promo. This usually includes:

  • The wagering requirement
  • The maximum bet per spin
  • Allowed and forbidden games
  • Maximum cash out limit
  • Whether it’s a sticky bonus or not.

This way you won’t have to waste precious time searching for the info on the casino website. You will find everything you need in our casino reviews and you can easily choose a casino to play at for real money.

Browse the Best Casino Listings and Play

The entire purpose of having the best casino listings reviews is to make your life as a player easier.

We have the best casino listings and the best casino reviews you can find, so all that you need to do is quickly go through the casino review, create an account and start playing.

Thanks to our reviews you will already know what to expect from the casino.

Since we only promote reputable online casinos on our site you can be sure that your winnings will be paid out on time and without any problems. In the end this is the most important detail at any online casino.