How to Find the Best Casino Match Bonus

Best Casino Match Bonus

The best casino match bonus promotions often can be a generous match deposit bonus.

This means that whatever you put into the casino is essentially doubled – or even tripled in some cases.

Such bonuses are the biggest advantage online casinos have over land-based establishments. 

As you can make a smaller deposit and get some free bonus money to try the best of what the casino has to offer while helping you keep playing and having fun.

Players need to take a number of factors into consideration before they decide to make a real money deposit and claim some luring bonuses at an online casino.

Match Deposit Bonus Percentage

Casino Match Bonus PercentageFor many players coming from the US, the best casino match bonus is the one which allows you to increase your deposit amount at least a couple of times.

This means that many players decide to go with a 200% match deposit bonus or even a bigger one ranging up to 350% match bonus.

The reason for this is because you can make a minimum $25 deposit and by claiming a 350% match deposit bonus you will have a total of $87.50 to play with.

With such a high starting bankroll you can easily start playing $1 bets on any video slot and you will have a good chance in hitting a bonus round early on and maybe getting a big payout.

If you manage to increase your starting balance early on you can keep on playing on higher bets and you can meet the wager in no time at all.

With bigger bets and bigger payouts, you can make a bigger withdrawal, than you would be playing only with your original deposit.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement is one of the most important factors you need to look out for when claiming a bonus promotion.

The wagering requirement is the number of bets you need to make on the casino games in order to clear the wager.

So, for example, a $100 bonus with 40 times the bonus amount wagering means that you need to make bets in a total of $4,000 before you can ask for a withdrawal.

On the other hand, the same $100 bonus with 80 times the bonus amount wagering requirement will come with $8,000 of bets required before the wager is cleared.

You can clearly see that the lower the wagering requirement is the higher your chances are in making a withdrawal.

So when claiming a bonus promotion the best casino match bonus is the one which comes with the lowest wagering requirements.

With such a big offer of bonus promotions across the industry, you are guaranteed to find at least a few which have low wagering.

Maximum Cash Out Limit

Maximum Cash Out Limit when using a casino match bonus

The maximum cash out limit is the most important reason why you should carefully read the terms associated with a bonus promotion.

In general, a maximum cash out limit is imposed on no deposit bonuses. But there are some online casinos which impose this limit on match deposit bonuses as well.

It’s very disappointing to win money at an online casino only to learn later on that you can withdraw a maximum of 10 times the deposit amount.

This is heartbreaking, especially if you made a minimum deposit and claimed some big bonus promotion.

So in order to avoid these kinds of frustrations always make sure that the bonus promotion you claim has no maximum cash out limit.

Allowed Casino Games

Learning which casino games are allowed for play with bonus funds is just as important as any other term of the bonus promotion.

This is so simply because of the fact that if you play some casino game which is not allowed for play with bonus funds the casino has every right to void your winnings.

Imagine winning big on some video slot and making a huge withdrawal only to see your winnings voided simply because you played a few spins on some forbidden game.

The list of allowed and forbidden games varies from casino to casino, but also from promotion to promotion.

Usually, most online casinos will offer different promotions for different games. On some promotions, you may be allowed to play table games, while on other table games might be entirely banned.

Sticky Bonus

A Sticky Bonus is definitely not part of the best casino match bonus. These types of bonuses can only be used for wagering purposes and cannot be withdrawn as real money.

For example: If you claim a $100 bonus and meet the wager, you have a total of $200 to withdraw.

Yet if you didn’t realize that you were playing with a Sticky Bonus, the casino will take back $100 from your withdrawal amount, which is the original bonus amount you claimed when making your deposit.

So just for claiming a Sticky Bonus, you are left with $100 less than you originally withdrew from the casino.

Needless to say that no player likes these kinds of bonuses, so you are best to steer clear from them when claiming a bonus at an online casino.

What is the Best Casino Match Bonus?

Finding the best casino match bonus which meets all of the criteria stated above is not an easy task.

Once in a while, you might come across match bonuses 200% to 350% and comes with a relatively low wagering requirement up to 35 times the bonus amount.

You will definitely want to sign up and play with this promotion and if it’s not a Sticky Bonus and has no maximum cash out limit then this is without a doubt the best casino match bonus you can find.

From there on it, all depends on luck whether you win on the casino games and make a big withdrawal.