How To Get Started at a New Casino

How To Get Started at a New Casino

You’ve looked at our $5 minimum deposit casinos list and picked one, great! Now what?

Exploring a brand new casino is always fun and exciting, while you’re looking for the games you feel comfortable playing.

Other than going through the new casino’s available games, though, you will certainly want to ensure that you have fun and make money during your play session.

One great way to bolster your playing funds, extend your stay at the casino, and even turn a good profit is by finding yourself an appropriate welcome bonus.

Welcome Bonuses at new casinos are new players’ best friends. To leverage their immense potential, you will have to know a few things yourself.

Today, we will walk you through several types of offers and help you get started playing at an online casino of your choosing.

While many players might hesitate where to begin, you will know how to cut directly to the chase.

Welcome Bonuses Are Your Best Friend at a New Casino

The Welcome Bonus is the first offer you should look for that you will ever find at a casino and get yourself started with one is actually very simple.

All you need to do is go to the promotion page and read through it carefully.

Often, the promised sums will be pretty big, and you can easily get up to $2,000 in extra money, but even then, there will be a few things to consider first.

You must ask yourself if the specific offer you want to commit to is worth your effort and this is precisely what we are here to help you out with.

What Should You Look For?

A great Welcome Bonus will without a doubt tick several check boxes that the industry’s best promotions always come along with:

  • A comfortable maximum amount of the promotion
  • Fair wagering conditions to be able to clear the bonus on time
  • Rich choice of games to use the bonus on
  • Acceptable game contributions to make the experience satisfactory

Looking for the welcome bonus that will best accommodate your own playing style, you will definitely run into many fantastic options.

Some may be better than others, but what you must ask yourself is whether you can afford to play long enough to clear a specific bonus condition.

Thankfully, this usually boils down to very simple mathematics.

Welcome Bonus Example

A $250 Welcome Package with a 35x wagering requirement on your bonus amount would mean that you need to play the bonus you have $250 x 35 which is $8,750.

Tracking your bonus progress will be made very easy by visiting the cashier section of your casino.

As you can see, the sums can get somewhat challenging very quickly, but thankfully, casinos offer fast gameplay.

That means that you will be able to place at least ten spins per minute, for example, and bring your overall play speed to a place where you won’t have to linger at all.

If you are looking for an excellent way to start yourself at an online casino, you will find these welcome offers to be quite an essential part of the experience.

Besides, the sooner you get used to the provisions that come with the majority of the bonuses, the better.

Free Spins for All Your Favorite Slots

When you arrive at a new casino for the first time, there will be a lot to do.

If you are new to the entire institution of the casino, you might want to stick to the entertaining products that don’t require too much theory to play, which is where the slots come very handy.

free spins on all your favourite new casino games

There is a superb choice of games that you can be playing right now and enjoy yourself immensely. Some of the titles we’ve handpicked for you include:

  • Gnome Wood
  • ThunderStruck
  • Game of Thrones
  • Tarzan Online Slot
  • Jurassic World Online Slot

To be quite frank, there are many excellent slot games that you can play today, whether it’s free play slots or slots at real money casinos.

Thousands of various titles are available to new and experienced players. To make sure that you are having even more fun, though, wouldn’t you prefer to secure a few credits extra first?

This is precisely where we will talk about the free spins. The free spins are a very popular offer that will allow you to explore quite a few slot titles at no cost at all, although some restrictions will apply.

You will either be offered a chance to study a game or two or be given access to the entire portfolio of a specific game maker.

The latter case is always the better, but in our experience, you will usually be granted access to a handful of award-winning titles instead.

Get Your Free Spins Bonus

Either way, free spins are truly outstanding and they provide you with a lot of leeway when it comes to actual gaming.

The credits are usually worth $0.10 each and there might be a limit to how much you can win by using this promotion.

Regardless, the free spins are deemed to be a very fun way to get yourself started at an online casino and explore the internal mechanics of how everything works.

Free Play – A New Type of Bonus to Consider

Free to Play Casinos - 5 Best Casinos If there is one exciting way to get a foothold at an online casino, that’s by using the Free Play bonus to enjoy yourself free access to the full portfolio of the operator without any hassle.

A free play offer is quite new on the casino market and therefore you will be quite lucky if the casino you like has it.

You are granted a modest amount to play with, but the upside is that you can usually use it on as many games as you want to.

Your winnings will be capped, but that’s no reason to give up. Some of the most popular free play offers are shown on our list of slot casino bonus offers.

Are There Casinos with No Minimum Deposit?

When you are looking to make your first deposit, most casinos will usually require a minimum amount unless you choose a no deposit bonus casino offer.

This can be $5 and then again it can be as much as $25 or even $50. The more established a brand is, the less money they will expect from you.

Some casinos take this even a step further and allow you to deposit as much as you like – there’s no minimum deposit as it is.

This is a very helpful feature that will allow you to always have a tight control over your finances, which is step one to being a successful casino player.

Even if quite a few casinos would allow you to deposit any amount you wish, it would be better to always start off with at least $5 in your bank account.

This is perfect if you love to play the slots, as you will be able to place well over 25 spins before and if you run out of cash.

The $5 is most commonly what you will need to qualify for a bonus, too.

Always Consider the Free Versions of the Games

Free Casino Games to Try OutBy now you realize that there are probably thousands of games that an casino enthusiast can enjoy.

Things get even a little better when you get to play all products without spending a cent.

The majority of slots, table games, online roulette, and video poker games allow you to play the full version of the game with special credits that correspond to real currency, but aren’t.

You can play as much as you like, oftentimes even before registering. This will you a clear idea of which games you try will actually translate in bigger profits when you put the real money in.

We appreciate the availability of this “free play” feature that will allow you to truly explore the entirety of a casino and still be able to keep all your funds!

Things About the Casino to Consider First

Bonuses are quite handy and the existence of a free play version will always help you gain an extra edge.

One question remains, though – how do you know if a casino is really worth playing with?

List of Responsible Gambling Organisations

We know that when you are new and only beginning to build your understanding of online casinos, it usually takes a little longer to understand what the most important aspects of the experience are.

This is why we have decided to create a step by step guide about the things you should check before you even sign up at a casino.

It’s very easy to cover our check-list, so don’t worry about missing out on something important.

List of Considerations

  • Check the reputation and licensing of the casino
  • See the available bonuses and their wagering requirements
  • Make sure there is enough games you would enjoy playing
  • See if the banking options offered are those you are used to
  • Check if there is a mobile version of the website available

Checking the reputation and licensing of a casino is the most important step.

Just go to the footer and look up the accreditation that your casino has received.

It will help you to browse forums, too, and see what other gamers have to say about the casino you are currently reviewing.

Starburst slots available on mobile

It always helps if there is a mobile version to enjoy as well.

This way you can always bring the casino experience with you on your commutes or pop in for a very quick session while having a lunch break.

Then, we would strongly recommend seeing if the available banking methods are something you feel comfortable with.

One other thing you can look into is what the minimum and maximum allowable depositing and withdrawing limits. It helps to know exactly how much you can put into the casino and cash out.

One very important thing to consider is the identity verification process.

All legal casinos will require you to confirm your identity before you can withdraw funds. We advise that you do that before you even deposit.

Final Words on Starting at New Casinos

Getting started at an online casino is quite exciting.

There is quite the variety of welcome bonuses and promotions that you can tap into and make sure that your bankroll is a little better than what you originally hoped it would be.

With proper bankroll management and just a little bit of research, you can get yourself off to a flying start at any new casino you wish.

Pick your favorite casino by whichever criteria you prefer, but always remember to check if the basics are up to scratch first!

With this said, there’s nothing left for you other than to plunge into the vast world of online casinos and enjoy.