Playing Online Casino vs Traditional Casinos

The emergence of online casinos at the turn of the century coincided with the boom of the Internet, bringing many benefits to people worldwide.While it is not fair to say that online casinos have been in direct competition with bricks and mortar establishments, recent years have shown a noticeable decline in land casino revenue across US soil.The fact that US-based online casinos are still only legal in a few states is certainly a factor in steadying the decline of land casinos, but US gamers can choose to play with hundreds of offshore-based online casinos in the USA and further afield.Certain aspects of physical casinos are impossible to replicate online. Going to a land casino can be an entertaining night out with plenty of socializing.Constantly interacting with people and hearing hundreds of slots and exciting casino games buzzing around you create a unique atmosphere, but it can be draining on your wallet.This is especially true when we consider that most casinos will do their best to ensure you spend as much as possible with free drinks and other so-called benefits. Not to mention that a trip to the land casino requires that you plan the trip, make time out of your day and set out a heftier budget.With that being said, let’s have a look at the benefits online casinos offer vs land casinos. Online casinos are the solution if going to the same local casinos is getting boring and a trip to Vegas seems too expensive and time-consuming.

Online Casino Bonuses

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Online casino bonuses are a focal point of online casinos worldwide. They are the bread and butter of every seasoned online gambler. Every casino offers a sign-up bonus to start with, alongside on-going promotions in the form of no deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and free spins.Land casinos will often offer you comp points that can slightly boost your bankroll, but they’re not as valuable in comparison to online casinos bonuses. Moreover, you would have to make frequent trips to fully take advantage of them, making them financially detrimental.

Online Casino Benefits

On the other hand, an online casino will often boost your balance by matching your first few deposits by 100%, 200% or even 300%, up to sums that range in the hundreds. A common online casino signup bonus will often come in the form of a 100% match up to $300, meaning with a deposit of $100 you would have $200 to play with.Online casinos offer these bonuses as an incentive to attract new players, and maintain existing ones. These bonuses offer great value because the online competition is much tighter than offline.Land casinos are geographically separated, meaning they will probably attract players that live nearby, whereas online they’re all clumped up in one place.You, as a player, get the biggest benefits, just as you would from any service or product with high competition. Keep in mind that bonuses are not free money, otherwise every online casino would go bankrupt within days.Every bonus needs to be wagered, after which any leftover cash is yours to withdraw.Wagering requirements between X30 and X40 of your bonus are considered fair, giving you a reasonable amount of time to fully wager your bonus.Most players do make the most of their bonuses, which is why casino operators refer to them as acquisition costs.

The Online Casino Convenience Factor

We mentioned the convenience factor a few times so far, but its importance is probably the biggest reason for the rise of online casinos in the past few decades.Initially, online casinos were fewer in number, and many gamers were concerned about security and payouts. Those days are long gone, as we’re now dealing with a flourishing, regulated multi-billion dollar market.Going to a land casino can be a thrilling affair, but these trips are more consuming on both your time and wallet.

Playing Online is Quick and Easy

Online, you can hop on and play within seconds from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to dress up, gas up your car, or anything like that.Also, online mobile casinos will let you play from wherever you are, whenever you like, so long as you have an internet connection.Android, iOS, Blackberry, it doesn’t matter what you’re using. Every modern online casino boasts mobile support and hundreds of mobile slots and table games to choose from.Whether you’re lying on your couch or relaxing at a coffeehouse, virtual casinos are but a few taps away.More importantly, online casinos are open 24/7, 365 days of the year. Most of them offer speedy live chat service, ready and able to answer any of your questions or solve any issues within minutes.

Online Casino Payouts

There are costs to licensing and maintaining both forms of casinos: online and offline. Yet, it’s no secret that land casinos require much higher running costs.Many physical casinos come attached to restaurants and hotels. Not to mention the countless free drinks, buffets, live band performances, and what have you.With all these costs in mind, and considering that the bulk of land casinos profits come from the games themselves, the result is lower RTP (Return To Player) of physical casino games across the board.Online games on the other hand feature a high RTP, in part due to the high competition. The average online slot machine has a RTP between 93% and 97%, making gaming online a more profitable affair.

Play Online Casino For Wider Choice of Games

Bricks and mortar casinos are limited to how much physical gaming machines they can accommodate.It is true that some Las Vegas casinos are so huge they have close to 2000 slot machines, but many of them are machines of the same game. Meaning, the variety in actual games is significantly smaller in comparison to online games.Online, there are dozens of top quality gaming providers which supply casinos with new games on a regular basis.Moreover, you’ll find online video slots to be more aesthetically advanced in terms of graphics, audio effects, themes, and bonus features.Not to mention that many casinos also have Live Dealer tables, where you can play and interact with professional presenters via HD streams in real time, bringing you the best of both worlds at the comfort of your home.