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A huge innovation which came with the rise of mobile casinos was the ability to pay by mobile when playing online slots or casino table games.

For those who are new to this, here’s our guide to how you can easily deposit money using your phone to gamble on online casinos. 

How to Deposit at Online Casinos by Phone

The online gambling industry has come a long way since the start of the first online casinos. Today players can enjoy a much bigger number of casino games, a bigger offer of payment providers and a more safely regulated industry altogether.

But the online casinos also went through a lot of design changes. Today you can easily play at pretty much every online casino from your mobile device. 

When we talk about deposits via a mobile phone there are basically two ways to address this. The first is simply for making deposits using any payment provider via your mobile device. This is pretty easy and straightforward. All you need to do is open the casino from your mobile browser or from the mobile app.

Once you log into your account you can head over to the casino cashier and choose your preferred payment method, like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Paysafe Card, to make a real money deposit. As you can see this is simply done from your mobile phone and that is why some players refer to them as mobile deposits.

In reality depositing from your mobile is done by choosing a payment provider which offers this feature. The most popular mobile payment providers are Boku and Zimpler.

The way this works is that you choose one of these providers to make a deposit and you get a code or a link on your phone in order to finish the transaction. The deposit amount can be deducted from your current credits or it can be added to your monthly mobile bill. This way you can deposit funds at the casino even if you don’t have any money to make the payment right away. 

Mobile Payment Processors

Mobile Payment Processors - 5 Best Casinos

For a lot of players depositing via mobile is out of the question and it does come with its own cons. Most payment providers have high fees which come with this way of payments. This is so because the process for the casino to actually get the payment from the player is quite long and has to go over several other companies.

In addition, the size of the mobile deposit is limited up to a certain amount. But this can also work in favour of players who want to limit their deposits.

You can easily place a limit on how much you can deposit via your phone or you can simply exhaust the credit funds on your phone. This is great in some cases, like when you notice that you are spending too much at the casinos. 

Quick Way to Deposit Funds

Pay by Mobile Online Slots

Aside from the cons which these payment providers bring, many players still prefer to use them because it gives them a fast and easy way to make a real money deposit.

Imagine you’re at home on the computer and you see an attractive bonus offered by the casino, but you don’t have any money on your cards to make the deposit. You can’t go to the bank since it’s closed and there’s no way to claim the bonus.

So all you need to do is top up the credit on the phone, which can be easily done at any 24 hours service gas station. This way you can make a deposit at the casino, claim casino bonuses and hopefully make a hefty withdrawal.

So, you can easily see how these payment providers can come in handy when you have no other payment methods available at the moment.

Safest Way to Deposit at the Casino

Another reason why many players prefer to deposit via mobile is simply that it’s one of the safest ways to deposit at the casino.

You see when you deposit from your mobile number you don’t disclose any sensitive information. There are no credit card numbers, no bank accounts or e-wallet user names. All you need to enter is your mobile number and you can easily make a real money deposit.

It’s also a great option for those players who simply don’t want to use their credit/debit cards and don’t want to go through the hassle to create an e-wallet account.

With the mobile payment processors, all you need is a mobile phone number in order to play for real money at the casinos.

Play on the Go

Like we mentioned earlier the mobile payment processors came to rise with the mobile casino. They complete the mobile casino concept enabling players to use their mobile phones both for deposits and for playing at the casino.

With them, you never have to leave your phone as you have everything you need right there on the screen.

Today almost all of the casino games are optimized to run seamlessly on all mobile devices so you can play them all as you would from your desktop or laptop computer. 

Should you Deposit Using your Phone?

The biggest disadvantage which comes with deposits via your mobile phone is that you can’t use them to make real money withdrawals.

There’s no plausible way to process this payment, so if you deposited via your mobile phone number and made a withdrawal you will need to use one of the other payment methods the casino has in stock.

In this case, most players turn to credit/debit cards or a bank transfer. But it’s recommended that you have an e-wallet in place even if you deposit only via your mobile phone.

This way the transaction of funds will be processed the fastest. You will receive your withdrawal and you can use it to make another deposit and play at another casino or simply cash out on the ATM.

In the end, it’s all up to you which payment method you will use for your withdrawal if you used a mobile payment processor to make the deposit.