What Does a Personal VIP Manager do?

What does a personal VIP manager do - 5 Best Casinos

Almost every online casino today has some sort of loyalty program in place. With this program, you can unlock additional perks to your account, as you progress up the VIP levels.

So the more you play at the casino, the more they will try to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Once you gain VIP status at a casino, you will be awarded your own personal VIP manager.

What exactly does this mean and what does a personal VIP manager do?

Taking care of your needs as a VIP player

That’s right, the main task a personal VIP manager has is to make sure that all of your needs are met.

Online casinos can’t offer their players the same perks as land-based ones can. They can’t comp your stay, award you with free meals and tickets to the popular shows, but online casinos can do much more.

In fact, at some online casinos, the VIP program is so attractive that it can easily beat the most reputable land-based establishments in the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common perks your VIP manager can offer you at online casinos.

Higher Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

No respectable VIP player will deposit at an online casino where the maximum weekly withdrawal limit is set at a few thousands of dollars.

This is why most operators offer higher withdrawal, as well as deposit limits for VIP players.

In most cases, if you win big you will be able to withdraw your winnings in full, rather than have to wait for several weeks for the payment to be processed in weekly instalments. 

Faster Withdrawals

Fast VIP Withdrawals - 5 Best Casinos

Yes, one of the biggest perks your VIP manager can offer you is faster payouts. This is a must when it comes to VIP players.

When you make a withdrawal at the casino as a VIP player you payout goes to the top of the queue and will be processed asap. This fast track payment means you get your winnings fast which increases your chance of depositing and playing again at the casino.

If any problems arise you can contact your VIP manager immediately and they will sort the issue our personally. 

Better Points Conversion

When you play at online casinos most of them will award loyalty points for every wager you make.

So, as you play you collect points which you can later redeem for cash or bonus money, depending on the casino in question.

Once you gain VIP status your manager will inform you that you now have a better points conversion.

This means that you will earn more points for a smaller amount of wagers, compared to non-VIP accounts.

This may seem unimportant at first, but you have to consider the fact that VIP’s wager massive amounts of money. Over time the earned points can come up to a more than the decent deposit amount. 

Custom Bonus Promotions

The personal VIP manager will always make sure that you have some attractive bonus promo to choose from.

If the promos they have on offer are not to your liking you can contact the manager and ask him for a custom promo, based on the amount you want to deposit.

They will almost always come up with an attractive proposition to accommodate your needs so you can play at the casino. 

Monthly/Weekly Cash Backs

Online casinos are very generous to VIP players, especially if they hit a losing streak. Almost all operators offer monthly or weekly cashback promos, based on the amount you lost at the casino.

For VIP players the percentage is higher and you can always get in touch with your personal manager and try to get a better deal on the cashback offers. 

Invites to Exclusive VIP Events

Invites to exclusive VIP events - 5 Best Casinos

Every once in a while you can expect your personal VIP manager to contact you about an exclusive VIP event.

This can be a tournament or a high stakes table game, where only VIP players are invited.

Needless to say that the stakes in these events are high, but the rewards are even higher. 

Special VIP Rewards

At some operators, you can expect to get special VIP rewards for every level you pass. In most cases, the lower level rewards consist of a small number of free spins and cash bonuses, while the higher ones come with higher cashback promos and match deposit bonuses.

But at some casinos, the top levels bring some pretty hefty prizes. You can expect to get pure cash rewards, trips to exotic locations or events and even brand new sports cars.

All of this is made possible thanks to your personal VIP manager and their mission to keep you as a loyal player at the casino.